DeepFlow Versioning Rules

Created:2023-10-04 Last Modified:2023-10-04

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#1. Version Naming

DeepFlow adheres to the Semantic Versioning (opens new window) method for version naming. The version number format is X.Y.Z, where X stands for Major Version, Y represents Minor Version, and Z is the Patch Version.

#2. Iteration Cycle

  • The major version number X changes approximately every two years
  • The minor version number Y changes approximately every four months
  • The patch version number Z changes approximately every two weeks

#3. Version Maintenance Time

  • The largest Z version in each X.Y version is the long-term support (LTS, Long-Term Support) version
  • After each X.Y.Z version is released, all X.Y.0 - X.Y.{Z-1} versions are no longer maintained or updated