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#1. Supported Application Protocols

Value DisplayName Description
0 N/A
21 HTTP2
40 Dubbo
41 gRPC
44 FastCGI
45 bRPC
60 MySQL
61 PostgreSQL
62 Oracle
80 Redis
81 MongoDB
100 Kafka
101 MQTT
102 AMQP RabbitMQ
103 OpenWire ActiveMQ
104 NATS
105 Pulsar
106 ZMTP ZeroMQ
120 DNS
121 TLS
127 Custom

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#2. Call Log Field Descriptions

The call log (flow_log.l7_flow_log) data table stores request logs of various protocols aggregated on a minute-by-minute basis, consisting of two main categories: Tag and Metrics fields.

#2.1 Tags

Tag fields: These fields are primarily used for grouping and filtering. Detailed field descriptions are as follows.

Name DisplayName Description
_id UID
time Time Round end_time to seconds.
region Region
az Availability Zone
host VM Hypervisor Host running virtual machine.
chost Cloud Host Including virtual machines
vpc VPC
l2_vpc Forwarding VPC VPC where the MAC address is located.
subnet Subnet
router Router
dhcpgw DHCP Gateway
lb Load Balancer
lb_listener Load Balancer Listener
natgw NAT Gateway
redis Redis
rds RDS
pod_cluster K8s Cluster
pod_ns K8s Namespace
pod_node K8s Node
pod_ingress K8s Ingress
pod_service K8s Service
pod_group_type K8s Workload Type
pod_group K8s Workload Such as Deployment
pod K8s POD
service Service
resource_gl0_type Auto Instance Type Deprecated,please use auto_instance_type.
resource_gl0 Auto Instance Tag Deprecated,please use auto_instance.
resource_gl1_type Type - K8s Workload First Deprecated,please use auto_service_type.
resource_gl1 Instance - K8s Workload First Deprecated,please use auto_service.
resource_gl2_type Auto Service Type Deprecated,please use auto_service_type.
resource_gl2 Auto Service Tag Deprecated,please use auto_service.
auto_instance_type Auto Instance Type The type of 'auto_instance'.
auto_instance Auto Instance Tag The instance of IP
auto_service_type Auto Service Type The type of 'auto_service'.
auto_service Auto Service Tag On the basis of 'auto_instance'
gprocess Process
tap_port_host Tap Port Host Deprecated,please use capture_nic_host.
tap_port_chost Tap Port Cloud Host Deprecated,please use capture_nic_chost.
tap_port_pod_node Tap Port K8s Node Deprecated,please use capture_nic_pod_node.
capture_nic_host Host of Capture NIC
capture_nic_chost Cloud Host of Capture NIC
capture_nic_pod_node K8s Node of Capture NIC
host_ip VM Hypervisor The management IP address of VM Hypervisor.
host_hostname VM Hypervisor The hostname of VM Hypervisor.
chost_ip Cloud Host The primary IP address of Cloud Host.
chost_hostname Cloud Host The hostname of Cloud Host.
pod_node_ip K8s Node The primary IP address of K8s Node.
pod_node_hostname K8s Node The hostname of K8s Node.
k8s.label K8s Label
k8s.annotation K8s Annotation
k8s.env K8s Env
attribute Attribute
cloud.tag Cloud Tag
os.app OS APP
ip IP Address
is_ipv4 IPv4 Flag
is_internet Internet IP Flag Whether the IP address is an external Internet address.
protocol Network Protocol
tunnel_type Tunnel Type
client_port Client Port
server_port Server Port
tcp_seq TCP Seq
req_tcp_seq TCP Seq of Request
resp_tcp_seq TCP Seq of Response
l7_protocol Application Protocol
l7_protocol_str Application Protocol In string.
is_tls TLS
version Protocol Version
type Log Type
request_type Request Type
request_domain Request Domain
request_resource Request Resource
request_id Request ID
response_status Response Status
response_code Response Code
response_exception Response Exception
response_result Response Result
events Events
app_service Application Service
app_instance Application Instance
endpoint API Endpoint
process_id Process ID
process_kname Kernel Thread Name
trace_id TraceID
span_id SpanID
parent_span_id ParentSpanID
span_kind Span Kind From OpenTelemetry.
x_request_id X-Request-ID
x_request_id_0 Request X-Request-ID
x_request_id_1 Response X-Request-ID
http_proxy_client HTTP Client IP Real client IP before proxy translate.
syscall_trace_id Syscall TraceID
syscall_trace_id_request Req Syscall TraceID
syscall_trace_id_response Resp Syscall TraceID
syscall_thread Syscall Thread
syscall_thread_0 Req Syscall Thread
syscall_thread_1 Resp Syscall Thread
syscall_coroutine Syscall Coroutine
syscall_coroutine_0 Req Syscall Coroutine
syscall_coroutine_1 Resp Syscall Coroutine
syscall_cap_seq Syscall CapSeq
syscall_cap_seq_0 Req Syscall CapSeq
syscall_cap_seq_1 Resp Syscall CapSeq
flow_id Flow ID
start_time Start Time Unit: microseconds. Start time of request.
end_time End Time Unit: microseconds. Start time of response
signal_source Signal Source
tap Traffic Access Point Deprecated,please use capture_network_type.
capture_network_type Network Location The network location for capturing traffic uses a fixed value (Cloud Network) to represent intra-cloud traffic
vtap DeepFlow Agent Deprecated
agent DeepFlow Agent
nat_source NAT Source
tap_port TAP Port Identifier Deprecated
tap_port_name TAP Port Name Deprecated
tap_port_type TAP Port Type Deprecated
capture_nic Capture NIC ID When the value of tap_port_type is 'Local NIC'
capture_nic_name Capture NIC Name When the value of tap_port_type is 'Local NIC'
capture_nic_type Capture NIC Type Indicates the type of traffic collection location
tap_side TAP Side Deprecated
observation_point Observation Point The logical location of the collection location in the traffic path
biz_type Business Type

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#2.2 Metrics

Metrics fields: These fields are primarily used for calculations. Detailed field descriptions are as follows.

Field DisplayName Unit Description
request Request
response Response
session_length Session Total Bytes Byte request_length + response_length.
request_length Request Total Bytes Byte
response_length Response Total Bytes Byte
sql_affected_rows SQL Affected Rows Row
captured_request_byte Captured Request Bytes Byte For Packet signal sources
captured_response_byte Captured Response Bytes Byte For Packet signal sources
direction_score Direction Score The higher the score
log_count Log Count
error Error Client Error + Server Error.
client_error Client Error
server_error Server Error
error_ratio Error % % Error / Response.
client_error_ratio Client Error % % Client Error / Response.
server_error_ratio Server Error % % Server Error / Response.
response_duration Response Delay us If the log type is Session
row Row Count

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