DeepFlow Products

Created:2022-08-03 Last Modified:2024-06-15

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#1. Community Edition

DeepFlow Community Edition is an open-source version, a highly automated observability data platform. Its core is licensed under Apache 2.0, and the frontend is entirely based on Grafana, thus adopting the AGPL license. It includes common functionalities required for efficient observability construction, such as:

  • Universal Map (AutoMetrics)
    • Automatically collects application, network, and system full-stack performance metrics based on eBPF/cBPF
    • Automatically collects TCP/UDP flow logs based on eBPF/cBPF
    • Automatically collects application call logs for HTTP1/2, HTTPS (Golang/openssl), Dubbo, gRPC, SOFARPC, FastCGI, bRPC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Kafka, MQTT, AMQP (RabbitMQ), OpenWire (ActiveMQ), NATS, Pulsar, ZMTP (ZeroMQ), RocketMQ, DNS, etc., based on eBPF/cBPF
  • Distributed Tracing (AutoTracing)
    • Automatically traces microservice distributed call chains based on eBPF/cBPF
  • Continuous Profiling (AutoProfiling)
    • Supports zero-intrusion On-CPU continuous profiling based on eBPF
    • Supports JVM languages, compiled languages like C/C++/Golang/Rust
  • Integration
    • Integrates Prometheus/Telegraf metrics data to solve data silos and high cardinality issues
    • Integrates OpenTelemetry/SkyWalking tracing data to achieve full-stack distributed tracing
    • Integrates Vector log data to solve data silos and resource consumption issues
  • AutoTagging
    • Supports synchronizing public cloud resource tags and automatically injecting them into all observability data
    • Supports synchronizing container resource tags and custom labels, and automatically injecting them into all observability data
    • Supports SmartEncoding for high-performance data tag storage
  • Integration and Management
    • Supports using Grafana to display metrics and tracing data
    • Supports unified monitoring of multiple K8s clusters and regular cloud servers
    • The collection agent supports running on K8s nodes, Serverless Pods, and Linux Hosts
    • Supports deployment on X86 and ARM architectures

#2. Enterprise Edition

DeepFlow Enterprise Edition is a highly automated one-stop observability analysis platform. It features enterprise-level visualization and management interfaces, complete data analysis capabilities, and enhanced data governance capabilities. In addition to all the features of the Community Edition, it also includes:

  • More powerful AutoMetrics, AutoTracing, AutoProfiling data
    • Supports collecting application call logs for TLS, Oracle, etc., and supports TCP stream reassembly based on eBPF/cBPF
    • Supports zero-intrusion Off-CPU, Memory, GPU continuous profiling based on eBPF, and supports interpreted languages like Python
    • Supports TCP per-packet sequence diagrams and raw packet capabilities for Network Profiling based on cBPF
    • The agent supports running on multi-tenant Serverless K8s nodes, Android devices, and Windows Hosts
    • The agent supports running on KVM/HyperV/ESXi/Xen host environments
    • The agent supports running on hosts and physical servers using the DPDK data plane
    • The agent supports running on dedicated servers to collect and analyze mirrored traffic from physical switches, analyzing the performance of traditional Layer 4-7 gateways and proprietary cloud Layer 4-7 gateways
    • The agent supports running on dedicated servers to collect NetFlow and sFlow data from physical switches
  • AutoTagging
    • Deeply adapted to proprietary cloud products, including major cloud platforms like Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc.
  • Analysis Capabilities
    • Supports correlation queries and automatic jumps for metrics, tracing, and log data
    • Supports one-stop alerting, reporting, and custom dashboard features for multi-team collaboration
  • Advanced Features
    • Supports configuring traffic filtering policies on demand and distributing traffic to security, network, audit, and other traffic consumption tools
    • Supports providing services for multiple tenants and data permission isolation
    • Supports encrypted data transmission between agents and servers
    • Supports unified monitoring of proprietary clouds, public clouds, and container resources across multiple regions
  • Enterprise-level Services
    • Provides comprehensive cloud-native observability solutions for industries such as finance, energy, telecommunications (IT, 5GC), and connected vehicles
    • Provides enterprise-level after-sales support services, including fault troubleshooting, performance tuning, version upgrades, and best practices for observability implementation

#3. Cloud Edition

DeepFlow Cloud Edition is a fully managed one-stop observability platform, with the same features as the Enterprise Edition, currently in the testing trial phase.

#4. Version Feature Comparison

Supported Capabilities
Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Universal Map eBPF/cBPF AutoMetrics
Application Protocol Parsing - TLS, Oracle
Application Protocol Parsing - Others
Enhanced Protocol Parsing via TCP Reassembly
Wasm/so Protocol Parsing Plugin SDK
Application Performance Metrics - Process/Container/Cloud Server
Application Performance Metrics - Host/Proprietary Cloud Gateway/Network Device
Network Performance Metrics - Process/Container/Cloud Server
Network Performance Metrics - Host/Proprietary Cloud Gateway/Network Device
Network Performance Metrics - NetFlow/sFlow
Database Performance Metrics - Process/Container/Server
Database Performance Metrics - Host/Proprietary Cloud Gateway
Application Call Logs - Process/Container/Server
Application Call Logs - Host/Proprietary Cloud Gateway/Network Device
Network Flow Logs - Process/Container/Server
Network Flow Logs - Host/Proprietary Cloud Gateway/Network Device
Network Flow Logs - NetFlow/sFlow
Distributed Tracing eBPF/cBPF AutoTracing
Enhanced AutoTracing using X-Request-ID
Enhanced AutoTracing using MySQL Comment
Enhanced AutoTracing using Open Source APM TraceID
Enhanced AutoTracing using Proprietary APM TraceID
Wasm/so AutoTracing Enhancement Plugin SDK
Integration of APM Span - OpenTelemetry/SkyWalking
eBPF Span - kprobe/uprobe
cBPF Span - Container/Cloud Server
cBPF Span - Host/Proprietary Cloud Gateway/Network Device
Proprietary Cloud Gateway Intelligent NAT Tracing
Continuous Profiling eBPF AutoProfiling - On-CPU
eBPF AutoProfiling - Off-CPU
eBPF AutoProfiling - Memory
eBPF AutoProfiling - GPU
JVM Language AutoProfiling
C/C++/Golang/Rust Language AutoProfiling
Python Language AutoProfiling
AutoProfiling for Unsigned Processes
TCP Per-Packet Sequence Diagram (Network Profiling)
Packet Retrospective (Network Profiling)
Event eBPF AutoEvents
Linux File Read/Write AutoEvents
Cloud Resource, Container Resource Change Events
AutoTagging SmartEncoding
K8s Container Resource, Custom Label Tags
K8s Custom Annotation/Env Tags
Public Cloud Resource Tags
Public Cloud Custom Business Tags
Private/Proprietary Cloud Resource Tags
Private/Proprietary Cloud Custom Business Tags
API Support for Injecting CMDB Business Tags
Plugin Mechanism Support for Injecting Process Business Tags
Integration Integration of Prometheus/Telegraf Metrics Data
Integration of OpenTelemetry/SkyWalking Tracing Data
Integration of Pyroscope Continuous Profiling Data
Integration of Vector Log Data
Provides SQL, PromQL API
Provides Grafana Datasource and Panel
Uses Grafana Tempo to Display Distributed Tracing Data
Outputs Tracing Data to SkyWalking
Outputs Tracing Data to OpenTelemetry Collector
Outputs Metrics/Tracing/Event Data to Kafka
Outputs Metrics Data to Prometheus
Analytics Enterprise-level Observability Analysis Platform
Custom Dashboard Management
Alert Management
Report Management
Compatibility Agent/Server Running on X86/ARM Servers
Agent Running on Proprietary K8s Nodes
Agent Running in Serverless K8s Pods
Agent Running on Serverless K8s Nodes
Agent Running on Linux Servers
Agent Running on Windows Servers
Agent Running on Android Devices
Agent Running on KVM/HyperV/ESXi/Xen
Agent Running in DPDK Data Plane Environments
Agent Running on Dedicated Servers to Collect Mirrored Traffic
Advanced Feature Cloud Network Traffic Distribution (NPB)
Unified Management of Multiple Regions
Multi-Tenant and Permission Isolation
Encrypted Transmission
Agent Registration Security Confirmation
Advanced Service Industry Observability Solutions
Enterprise-level After-sales Support