Service List

Created:2024-06-20 Last Modified:2024-06-24

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#1. Service List

View the metric data of each service in the business in a list format

01-Service List

01-Service List

  • Business Switch Dropdown: Quickly switch between businesses, defaulting to the first starred business
  • Modify Metrics: Support displaying/hiding metrics in the table
    • Set Primary Metric: The set primary metric will be displayed before other metrics
  • Settings: Support View API, Service Management, etc.
  • Table:
    • Name: Service name, ICON represents the service type
    • Service Group: The service group to which the service belongs
    • Region: The region to which the service belongs
    • Metrics: Statistics of the service as a server, will be marked in red when exceeding the threshold
    • Actions: Double-click the table row to enter the right slide panel to view detailed information of the service. For details on using the right slide panel, please refer to the chapter Service Topology - Right Slide Panel