Storage Services

Created:2024-06-20 Last Modified:2024-06-24

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#1. Storage Services

Storage services are a fundamental offering of cloud computing platforms, helping users store and manage data and other objects while providing high availability, reliability, and elastic scalability. Within storage services, you can separately view information on Cloud Database RDS and Cloud Database Redis.

#1.1 Cloud Database RDS

Cloud Database RDS is a high-availability, high-performance, and highly secure managed database service that offers users convenient and flexible storage services and backup recovery functions. It meets enterprise needs for data storage and management, taking on corresponding management tasks and improving enterprise efficiency. On the Cloud Database RDS page, you can view and download related information such as region, availability zone, VPC, subnet, internal IP, external IP, status, database platform, cloud platform, and more.

#1.2 Cloud Database Redis

Cloud Database Redis is a high-speed caching database service that supports multiple data structures, significantly enhancing data read/write speed and performance, thereby improving system performance and response speed. It can be used to meet various data caching needs and other functionalities in different scenarios. On the Cloud Database Redis page, you can view and download related information, with the list content being consistent with the [Cloud Database RDS] section.