Dashboard List

Created:2023-10-04 Last Modified:2024-06-24

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#1. Dashboard List

The dashboard list page displays all the dashboards created by the current user and some basic operations.



  • Dashboards are divided into two categories: Custom Dashboards and Built-in Dashboards
    • Custom Dashboards: Displays dashboards created by the current account and those editable within the team organization
    • Built-in Dashboards: Visual dashboards provided by DeepFlow for system information, not editable or deletable
  • ① New Dashboard: Click to create a new dashboard, enter the name of the new dashboard, and you can create your dashboard. You can add a description as needed
  • ② Import Dashboard: Click to import a dashboard, you can define a name and select a JSON file to import. Note: Currently, only JSON dashboard files exported by DeepFlow are supported. For details, please refer to Export
  • ③ Search: Supports entering any string in the search bar, such as name, team, description, creator, latest modification time, etc., to match the list information
  • ④ Settings: You can set the display method of column width, such as evenly distributed column width or content-based column width
  • ⑤ Delete: Supports batch deletion of all selected dashboards
  • ⑥ Export: Supports batch export of all selected dashboards
  • ⑦ Star: Starred dashboards will be displayed with priority
  • ⑧ More: Includes edit, export, and delete functions
    • Edit: Supports modifying the name and description of the dashboard
    • Export: Supports exporting the dashboard in JSON format