Agent Advanced Configuration

Created:2023-10-04 Last Modified:2024-06-24

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#1. Introduction

DeepFlow Agent Advanced Configuration.

DeepFlow uses declarative APIs to control all deepflow-agents, with almost all deepflow-agent configurations being delivered through the deepflow-server. In DeepFlow, an agent-group is a group that manages the configuration of a set of deepflow-agents. We can specify the vtap-group-id-request in the local configuration file of the deepflow-agent (K8s ConfigMap, deepflow-agent.yaml on the Host) to declare the desired group to join, or directly configure the group each deepflow-agent belongs to on the deepflow-server (the latter has higher priority). The agent-group-config corresponds one-to-one with the agent-group and is associated through the agent-group ID.

#1.1 Common Operations for agent-group

View the list of agent-groups:

deepflow-ctl agent-group list

Create an agent-group:

deepflow-ctl agent-group create your-agent-group

Get the ID of the newly created agent-group:

deepflow-ctl agent-group list your-agent-group

#1.2 Common Operations for agent-group-config

Refer to the default agent configuration mentioned above, extract the parts you want to modify, create a your-agent-group-config.yaml file, and fill in the agent configuration parameters. Note that vtap_group_id must be included:

vtap_group_id: <Your-agent-group-ID>
# write configurations here

#1.2.1 Create agent-group-config

deepflow-ctl agent-group-config create -f your-agent-group-config.yaml

#1.2.2 Get the list of agent-group-config

deepflow-ctl agent-group-config list

#1.2.3 Get the configuration of agent-group-config

deepflow-ctl agent-group-config list <Your-agent-group-ID> -o yaml

#1.2.4 Get all configurations and their default values of agent-group-config

deepflow-ctl agent-group-config example

#1.2.5 Update the configuration of agent-group-config

deepflow-ctl agent-group-config update -f your-agent-group-config.yaml

#1.3 Common Configuration Items

  • max_memory: Maximum memory limit for the agent, default value is 768 MB.
  • thread_threshold: Maximum number of threads for the agent, default value is 500.
  • tap_interface_regex: Regular expression configuration for the agent's collection network interface, default value is ^(tap.*|cali.*|veth.*|eth.*|en[ospx].*|lxc.*|lo)$. The agent only needs to collect Pod network interfaces and Node/Host physical network interfaces.
  • platform_enabled: Used when the agent reports resources, for the domain of agent-sync. Only one domain of agent-sync is allowed per DeepFlow platform.