Created:2024-06-20 Last Modified:2024-06-24

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#1. Settings

The settings module supports editing preferences, viewing platform information, and more.

#1.1 Preferences

Supports configuring the usage preferences of the search box on the page.

#1.1.1 Search Box Configuration

The search box configuration only applies to pages under [Events], [Applications], and [Network].

Search Box Configuration

Search Box Configuration

  • Follow System Settings: If selected, the configuration is consistent with the default system settings. If you want to adjust the settings yourself, uncheck it.

  • Page Initial Load: Whether to query data when the page is first loaded

    • Do Not Trigger Search: No data on the initial page load. You need to click the [Search] button or add query conditions to display data.
    • Search by Default Conditions: Default system setting, data is queried and displayed when the page loads.
  • Search Trigger Method: Set the method to trigger search queries

    • Instant Trigger: Default system setting, queries are triggered immediately when search conditions change.
    • Click [Search] Button to Trigger: When search conditions change, you need to click the [Search] button to trigger the query.
  • Default Search Box Form: Set the default display form of the search box for Path type pages

  • Default Search Box Content: The search box can be set to quick search mode

#1.2 Platform Information

Platform information allows you to view the current system version number, feedback email, vendor information, and more.

Platform Information

Platform Information