Other Resources

Created:2024-06-20 Last Modified:2024-06-20

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#1. Other Resources

Other resources include information related to other resources in the network or system, such as physical network elements, network locations, physical links, and legends.

#1.1 Physical Network Elements

Physical network elements refer to hardware devices in the network, including routers, switches, firewalls, gateways, etc. These devices enable data communication and transmission by connecting and exchanging network traffic. On the physical network elements page, you can view and download related information, such as region, type, etc. It also supports creating, modifying, and deleting physical network elements.

#1.2 Network Locations

Network locations refer to the sources or destinations of information collected during the information collection and analysis process. On the network locations page, you can view and download related data, such as region, data tags, type, VLAN tags, source IP, interface name, sampling rate, etc. It also supports creating, modifying, and deleting network locations.

Physical links refer to the physical lines connecting network devices. Physical links have a significant impact on the stability, speed, and reliability of network transmission.



  • View Topology: Displays the logical dependency relationships of all physical links in the current list in the form of a topology diagram.
  • For page button usage, please refer to the section Resource Pool - Region.

#1.4 Legends

Legends represent related resources in the form of icons. All legends are displayed in a list format, supporting the creation and modification of legends.