v6.3 CE Release Notes

Created:2024-02-27 Last Modified:2024-07-05

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#1. v6.3.9 [2023/09/14]

#1.1 New Features

  • AutoMetrics
  • AutoTracing: Support for supplementing tracing data by calling APM's Trace API
  • Profiling: Support for eBPF collection of On-CPU Profile data for compiled (Golang/Rust, etc.) and interpreted (Java, etc.) languages (thanks to @ic0xgkk: FR (opens new window))
  • Agent:
    • Support for running in Sidecar mode within business Pods
    • Support for deployment as a BlueKing Plugin

#1.2 Enhancements


#2. v6.3.8 [2023/09/07]

#2.1 New Features


#2.2 Enhancements

#3. v6.3.7 [2023/08/31]

#3.1 New Features

  • AutoMetrics: Support for collecting MySQL statement-id to correlate COM_STMT_EXECUTE and COM_STMT_QUERY, thereby tracing SQL statements (thanks to @wuzongling: FR (opens new window))
  • Agent: Support for synchronizing IP addresses on loopback interfaces (usually VIP)

#3.2 Enhancements

  • AutoMetrics: Added endpoint field in the application aggregation metrics table
  • Profiling:
    • Optimized the merging logic of Function Stack in flame graphs
    • Compressed storage of Function Stack in ClickHouse
  • Agent: Removed the requirement for HostNetwork in K8s Agent
  • CLI: Released deepflow-ctl for MacOS (thanks to @zjj1002: FR (opens new window))

#4. v6.3.6 [2023/08/24]

#4.1 New Features

  • AutoTracing
    • Support for tracing calls before and after managed ALB/SLB services
    • Added allow_multiple_trace_ids_in_tracing_result configuration item to allow multiple TraceIDs in tracing results
  • OpenTelemetry Integration: DeepFlow Server supports running without ClickHouse (Export l7_flow_log to otel-collector)

#4.2 Enhancements

  • Prometheus: Optimized storage performance of RemoteWrite, and query performance of RemoteRead and PromQL
  • Agent: Support for configuring CPU affinity and priority

#5. v6.3.5 [2023/08/10]

#5.1 New Features

  • AutoMetrics: Recognize RST disconnections in SLB health checks as normal behavior
  • SQL: Added count operator to metrics to calculate the number of rows of raw data
  • Prometheus Integration: PromQL supports topk and bottomk functions

#5.2 Enhancements

  • Wasm Demo
    • Parse error codes in HTTP Payload and reassign response_code and response_exception
    • Parse Protobuf messages in Payload
  • Agent
    • Added flow log ignore statistics position (l4_log_ignore_tap_sides) and call log ignore statistics position (l7_log_ignore_tap_sides) to reduce data collection volume
    • Support for environments where the number of matching results for network interfaces (tap_interface_regex) exceeds 255

#6. v6.3.4 [2023/07/27]

#6.1 New Features

  • AutoTagging: Added capability to automatically associate K8s containers through PID, solving the issue of container resource information tagging for HostNetwork Pods in eBPF data
  • Prometheus Integration: Support for obtaining HTTP Headers in RemoteWrite as additional Labels
  • Server: Support for synchronizing CloneSet and Advanced StatefulSet workloads in OpenKruise (thanks to @lockerroom: FR (opens new window))
  • Agent: Added support for so plugin capabilities, providing a C SDK

#6.2 Enhancements

  • Agent: Changed the periodic reporting interval of long flows from absolute 0 seconds (start of each minute) to relative 0 seconds (relative to the start time of the flow every 60 minutes)
    • Advantage: Reduced the pressure of sending flow logs at absolute 0 seconds, avoiding splitting flows with a lifecycle of less than 60 seconds into two flow logs
  • Server: Real-time push to Agent when resource information changes are detected

#7. v6.3.3 [2023/07/13]

#7.1 New Features

#7.2 Enhancements

  • Prometheus Integration: PromQL API supports RFC3339 time format
  • Agent
    • Added kprobe-blacklist configuration item to set port number blacklist for eBPF data collection, avoiding collection loops
    • eBPF adapted to kernel 5.10.0- (thanks to @innlym: FR (opens new window))
  • Server: Independent configuration of synchronization intervals for different cloud platforms

#8. v6.3.2 [2023/06/29]

#8.1 New Features

  • X

#8.2 Enhancements

  • Support for specifying (fixed) K8s resource information synchronization Agent

#9. v6.3.1 [2023/06/15]

#9.1 New Features


#9.2 Enhancements

  • Support for disabling K8s cluster auto-discovery, allowing synchronization as an affiliated K8s cluster in public clouds

#10. v6.3.0 [2023/06/01]

#10.1 New Features


#10.2 Enhancements