PCAP Download

Created:2024-06-20 Last Modified:2024-06-24

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#1. PCAP Download

PCAP Download displays the data of enabled PCAP policies within a certain time range in the form of lists and trend analysis charts.

#1.1 Overview



  • ① PCAP Policy Dropdown: The dropdown shows all PCAP policies, allowing for policy selection.
    • If no selection is made, data from all PCAP policies will be displayed.
  • ② Time: Select the time range to view. If no PCAP policy is enabled during this time, no data will be available.
  • For page button functions, please refer to the section 【Tracing - Call Log】.
  • Log Details: Displays the traffic log information captured under the PCAP policy within a certain time range in a tabular form.
    • Operations:
      • Click Row: Click on a data row to view the details of that data in a right sliding box. For details on usage, please refer to the section 【Right Sliding Box - Flow Log Details】.